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The "Tomorrow, built today" podcast covers investing trends and predictions, along with discussions about the latest news in consumer tech. This podcast is produced by Lightspeed Venture Partners.

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    The Future of Investing from an LP’s Perspective

    In this episode, we hosted a panel on the future of investing from a LP. perspective. The panel was hosted by the amazing Female Founders Fund at an event in san Francisco on Monday, March 11th.

    You’re going to get to hear from three experts in the LP world today on their thoughts of what’s to come to 2019, diversity in the LP world and what makes a successful LP.

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    The Honest Company & Co-Founder Brian Lee

    In this episode, you’ll hear from our friend Brian Lee. He’s a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of The Honest Company (a Lightspeed portfolio company), ShoeDazzle, and LegalZoom. We’ll talk about the intersection of pop culture and technology, how he made it as a serial entrepreneur without a tech background, and what’s ahead for the Honest Company.

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    #ANGELS’ Negotiation Summit: Jana Rich (Rich Talent Group)

    In this episode Lightspeed Marketing Partner Meredith Kendall Maines sits down with Jana Rich, the founder & CEO of Rich Talent Group, who works with groundbreaking digital companies - from Peloton to Airbnb and Warby Parker -to build their leadership teams.

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    #ANGELS’ Negotiation Summit: Max Levchin (Founder Paypal, Affirm)

    In the last episode of our Negotiation Summit, I get the distinct pleasure to sit down with Max Levchin. Max is a Ukrainian-born American who moved to the states in In 1998. Soon after graduating from college, he co-founded Paypal, took the company public and then sold it to eBay. He then went on to found Slide, then sold it to Google, and is now the CEO & Founder of Affirm, a Lightspeed portfolio company. Max’s had to negotiate venture capital raises, sales of companies, partnerships, and more throughout his career and he talked with me about his top negotiation tips.

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    Beauty Week: The Honest Company's Nick Vlahos

    Nick Vlahos is the CEO of The Honest Company. Before joining Honest, Nick was COO of Clorox and was CEO of Burt's Bees from 2011-2013. I recently sat down with Nick in his office, where I noticed quotes on his wall like "great leaders lead from optimism" and "curiosity makes a difference." In addition to discussing what's new with Honest Beauty, we talked about what those quotes mean to him and what motivates him as a leader.

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    Beauty Week: Ipsy CEO Marcelo Camberos

    Marcelo Camberos is the co-founder and CEO of Ipsy, a subscription-based beauty company that offers monthly deliveries of personalized makeup and beauty products. Marcelo's deep understanding of creators and of influencer culture has made Ipsy a leader in the direct to consumer beauty space. We had the chance to sit down with Marcelo and hear how he thinks about working with influencers, the challenges of subscription services, and how the thinks about culture at Ipsy.

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    Beauty Week: Beautycon's Moj Mahdara

    Moj Mahdara is the CEO of Beautycon, the media platform that combines live events, influencer marketing and cosmetic commerce with events in LA, NY, and London. Moj was one of the early thought leaders in the influencer marketing space, and she has a real understanding of the power of content creators in the digital age. We sat down to discuss her journey from newcomer to CEO, how celebrities are disrupting the beauty landscape, and the power of authenticity in the beauty world.

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    11: Taylor Lorenz

    Taylor Lorenz covers the intersection of technology and pop culture for The Atlantic. Her work covers memes, internet culture, social media, influencers, and teens.  We always enjoy reading her work - she has her finger on the pulse of pop culture, and this conversation was no exception.

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